Initial High Density Cutting Design

Frosted Sticker design.jpg
Fosted Design.JPG

Final Simplified Design

(Photo taken right after our Installation, while the residues were still wet.)

Over the last weekend, we completed another brilliant job, meeting all the clients' requirements.

Frosted sticker allow for privacy and yet not completely blockage of light. With customized cutting, it will make the made the design more attractive.

The initial idea was with many small triangular patterns. Taking cost into consideration, we advised our client to reduce the number of triangles and enlarge them to make up the surface area. When we received any assignments, we will not only consider the design requirement but also cost effectiveness.

The overall area remain the same. So why will reducing the number of triangles got to do with cost? Let us share with you... 

1) Artwork Preparations

With high density of design details, we need more time to clean up the artwork. Every details need to be checked thoroughly to made sure there is no design error or our plotter might read and cut the wrong line. Typically we spend 10 mins to process the artwork but with high density design like the initial frosted sticker, we need around 1.5 hour.

2) Production Time

We took less than an hour to prepare a normal set of frosted stickers, but for high density design, it could take us at least half a day.

3) Installation Time

The time taken for installing these two types of design are about the same, but for high density design, we will need to go for additional trip to remove the transfer tapes.

So what are Transfer Tapes then? Because the design is full of tiny details, we need to use another layer of tapes to hold all these tiny details together, preventing them from falling off.

We hope that we have cleared all doubts for giving higher quote on certain projects.

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