-- Introduction to Digital Signage --

When we first heard of the Term “Digital Signage”, it caught our attention that signage industry is having a breakthrough! We want to be part of this huge evolving movement of the signs world.

-- Start of Journey--

We started visiting digital TV suppliers, thinking that it will be a simple reselling business. But it is not that straightforward. We were introduced to different types of models in the market, from large screen TV, video walls to interactive touch screen panel and many more ...

-- Technical Challengers --

We are just so excited with the products specification and can't wait to join in this mega uplift of signage. But soon, our all excitement went down the drain...

All the suppliers we visited, told us that they will only supply us the TV, equipment and software but not the housing. And they have no idea on how to create one. 

As we had many loyal clients who keep enquiry us on when are we are able to supply Digital Signage, we decide to be more proactive.

-- We will construct our very own Digital TV housing --

We started our research on the construction of the housing and frame to protect the Digital TV and also to blend into the environment.

Here are the few key factors to consider:

1) Ventilation - Prevent of over heat.
2) Stability. 
3) Easy Accessible for future maintenance. 
4) Water-Proofing for outdoor.

After completing our research, we are finally confident to claim that we are up to the mark.

-- Let’s share with you on one of our works --

We received this assignment from a lounge and wanted to create a vibrant atmosphere or like what the party-goers describle as "Happenings". Our idea was to combine Digital TV with LED running lights.

-- Now for some actions in our fully equipped workshop --

LED signage production.JPG

The top part of the signage is a Digital TV and the bottom consist LED and it's controller.

Arranging the transformers and wiring into the aluminium casing is an challenging task, due to the limited space within. On top of that, the programming of the memory chips is also crucial.

The wiring connections were never underrate, even though they were not visible. A wrong connection will affect the whole system’s functionality, causing it to short circuit or affect the sequence of the running lights.

A neat and tidy wirings will make troubleshooting and future maintenance easier.


Combining the Digital TV with the LED and of course together with their main 3D channel letters sign board.

digital tv signage.JPG

Here is the final result!

Digital Signage.JPG

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