Many got confused with interior designer and graphic designer. So what is a designer? Anyone with a functioning creative brain, can claim to be a designer. Being recognize by others, will be another question.

Interior Designer

One who design for a home, building or office, on how spaces are utilize, carpentry and furniture design. They are also the main contractor in the whole renovation job, gathering experts from all fields, such as electrician, flooring and my team (signage provider) to get the job done.

Graphic Designer

A person that do advertising media.
That seem to be simple to understand. But not. Some might thought that using excel, words or power point will get the job done. Look pretty good in the monitor screen but not in real prints. To get a good printable images, will involve programs such as illustrator, photoshop, etc... 

Why? Resolution is the answer.
Many told us that they have used excel to create logo for their name cards and t-shirts.

Look pretty great?
Well, the image is small. Once enlarged, make into a signboard, the graphic will be pixelated. One will easily spot the "zig-zag lines". If laser cut are involved, the machine won't know where to cut as the outlines are blurred.

By knowing how to use this designing programs, We will only classify them as designing program user. A truth graphic designer is one that is inspire to come up with creative idea and create a organic design.


What about Glide Innovation? Interior, graphic designer or a user? None of them. We proudly introduce ourselves as Signage Designers.

So why is there a need to engage Signage Designers as there are already interior and graphic designers? We worked with both of them. As Signage Designers, we create signage design to complement both the interior and graphic designer. 

If you still have any doubts in engaging which types of designer, email us today at or contact us at 8777 7330.

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